Training Project Setup – August 6, 2017 – Balance

Now that I have a slightly better grasp on the history of our Cornerstone (LMS) purchase, I began working on an immediate timeline and an extended timeline. In the immediate, the company would like to go live with “something.” That concept scares me on both a personal level and a professional level. I know that I am the outsider when it comes to this company, but there is only going to be one chance for me to sway everyone into accepting the idea of organized training. I think that visually, the system is not ready to be released. The welcome page has a Getty image as a placeholder in the header and it has not been set up to show selective training for each individual based on their roles. I got a few great nuggets of advice from a regular TLDChat member. They suggested that I should be trying to catch some low hanging fruit and get something they want on their list out in some form. This will probably be the most difficult portion of the discussions with my manager this week. It is the classic quantity vs. quality and there are stakeholders that are involved, so it also becomes political balance as well.

The Facts.

With the Cornerstone software, the company purchased the Learning plugin, the Performance Plugin, and the Succession plugin. The plan was to implement the latter two before the end of the year, but I think that is slightly too ambitious and may have to wait until February to have them both up and active. I will need to speak to a representative at Cornerstone very soon to make my presence known and find out what resources I will have at my disposal.

Picture:JJ Thompson

(This was written on August 6th, but not edited until August 7th)


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